“Thank you for providing outstanding service day in and day out over the past several years.”
John Craddock – America’s Home Club

“The phones are perfect! These Polycom phones are so much better than the Yealink phones that our old provider supplied for free. The auto-park feature and virtual call parking that Nextiva offers is awesome.”
Jo Eller – East Marietta Animal Hospital

“Thank you for coming out on a weekend to resolve our issue with the phones! This is the reason we use your company! This is why we recommend you to everyone.”
Bill Peterson – Wild Wings Franchise Atlanta

“Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to rectify our network problem. I truly appreciate your entire team’s efforts.”
Kenneth D. Williams – Ty J Young, Inc.

“I love these Polycom phones! You all are awesome!”
Megan Patton – Patton Financial Services

"You guys rock! If I knew it was going to be this easy, I would have switched 10 years ago."
Cord Middleton – Atlantic International Company of Georgia

“Johnny you are the best! Thank you for everything! Always a call away when we need you!”
Bill Houck – Houck’s Grill

“Thank you for being so responsive. This is truly the best relationship we have ever had with a phone company!”
Dan Moradi – Atlanta General Contracting

“I can’t believe you came out on Sunday night to help me with a firewall issue. You are the best! Customer for life!”
Jason Doss – The Doss Firm. LLC

“After we ordered Comcast services from your company is when you really demonstrated that unbelievable service. Not only did you re-provision our firewall with the Comcast IP information, you returned the old equipment to AT&T and cancelled my old AT&T account. This is a level of service unheard of in the phone business. Great Job Twisted Telco!”
Nathan Taitt – Blueprint Digital

“I appreciate that your company dropped by to fix my issue after a thunderstorm took out my network switch. Fabulous Service! You make me feel like a fortune 500 company.”
Mark Popkin – Popkin and Associates

“I wanted to thank Twisted Telco for fixing our issue with all of our advertised numbers. We have so many numbers in so many states it is hard to keep track of all of them. We finally have everything working great! I want to thank the entire Twisted Telco staff for correcting this issue once and for all.”
David Touwsma- MosquitoNix

“I finally got my refund from Windstream and my credit from Comcast! - Yeah! I can't understand how you do what you do! You even do it with wit and a sense of humor.”
Jori Kasher

“John, I know it really wasn’t your issue, but thank you for working with Comcast’s retention department to reduce our rates at all of our locations. I know I don’t have had the patience or your expertise to actually get it done. Thank you.”
Dan Thornton – Free Flite Bicycles

“Thank you, John and your entire team, for supporting our telephone issues for years! I appreciate being treated as a buddy instead of just a customer!”
David Bitner – The Cruise Authority

“John, thank you for providing amazing service and taking responsibility even if it wasn’t always your issue. You and your team shine under pressure. I am glad that Twisted Telco always has our back! We appreciate everything you and your team does to keep us up and running.”
Scott Monge – Monge & Associates

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Why is Twisted unorthodox in the communications industry?

Twisted Telco and all affiliated communications agencies get paid a monthly recurring commission to maintain the customer relationship. Once you become a Twisted Telco customer you are more than just a customer. We have a vested relationship to grow and maintain for years to come. We must establish a relationship of trust. Our goal is not only to be your communications provider, but also your friend.

We will make your life easier and free up your time to enjoy your personal success. Being on hold with a phone provider is in our wheelhouse not yours!

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